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Brand's Anatomy wants to be your partner in business. Our focus is to help you appeal to customers so that you can do what you do best. Whether you are a single retail boutique, entertainment venue, or large organization, we aim to provide the best in marketing wisdom and publicity that you need.
Brand management Providing direction for your identity and products and building a solid reputation.
Social media Helping your business connect to customers using appropriate social networks and communication methods.
Design Original artwork, collateral layout, copywriting, photography, and other visual mediums.
Sourcing and production Need catalogs, postcards, t-shirts, packaging, or any other physical products for your business? We have a source for that.
Public Relations Helping you get noticed by the media and working with you to craft the best messages.
We are not a high-overhead agency with fees added on to our fees. We just want to see great businesses succeed and can work with any budget to make it happen. Contact us at: BrandsAnatomy (at) gmail (dot) com.