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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shhh, we've got a great new attraction

When you have something great, you tell people about it, right? To the contrary of that, here's another example for our "Shhh" series.

Vancouver Aquarium has introduced a unique 4D experience, combining 3D film with environmental effects to make the visitors feel like they are in the movie. During an under-the-sea film, guests are misted with salt water. During Polar Express, a scent of hot chocolate is pumped through the air.
Sounds amazing. Something they want to be noticed for, which is why they have put an entire ad campaign together to promote it. It's enough to make you check out the show schedule to see when you can experience this.

Therein lies the problem. Visit the aquarium's website and there is nothing talking about 4D. So I begin my exploration to learn more. Looking at all the menu options, I determine the best option is "Events and Schedule" which opens up a list of times and show titles, but there are no links on the show titles and no use of the term "4D."

At the bottom of the schedule is the following message in 6pt type:
Now the "4D theater" text in blue is a link to their press-release regarding the experience. Which does have an image of the show currently playing. They mention that the show schedule is posted in the aquarium.

So the information is hard to find, and there is very little description of what to expect. As a business, why do we introduce great shows like this 4D experience? To get people into our attraction. But if we do not tell people enough about the attraction, what is it that makes people want to visit? Most people take the time to research before planning a visit to any venue. We want to know what to expect. If there is not enough information to make us comfortable, we are less likely to take the journey.

There is no reason to leave any information about your attractions to the imagination. Also, if you are advertising something, make sure people see it immediately when visiting your location or website. If you have posters all over town, make sure it is the first thing seen on your site.

Secrets are not a good thing when you're trying to attract attention.

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  1. Thanks for keeping us honest, Nick. When our 4D Experience opened in July 09, it was prominently featured on our website.
    During the holiday season, we temporarily swapped it out for seasonal features, so we thank you for the reminder to return 4D to its rightful glory.
    Please note, we've added a 4D flash piece to our home page which we hope will provide you and our other site visitors with an improved navigational experience.
    The 4D Experience truly takes theatre entertainment to another level and allows us to provide our Aquarium visitors with a fun, educational experience to complement our non-profit mission to conserve marine life and marine environments.
    Thanks again for providing a watchful eye.